Window Listener


Did you ever find yourself in a situation when you did a LOT of work but had no clue how much time it took? Look no further!

Window listener is a simple application that listens to the active windows and records the time, spent on that windon. This way it’s easy to see how much time was spent writing an email, reviewing a document, editing a picture.

Please note that the application also records key presses (this is more of a proof–of-concept) that will, at some point, be used to apply tags to tasks … But, more about that later. Believe me, there is no evil behind this. The library used can be found at CodeProject: Global Mouse And Key Library

The current version supports merging of the recorded tasks  – in case multiple windows of the same process are used to accomplish something and of course deletion of tasks. The tasks are remembered when the program is closed.

Download link (download, unpack and run): WindowListener.rar

PS: there is also a Mono port of the app available: WindowListener.Mono.rar

There is a lot more planned for future versions but let’s take it a step at a time.

I allow use for private purposes but I’m open to commercial proposals – it can, of course,  be used for evil corporate purposes as well …

It took me 5 and something minutes to write this post.

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