Window Listener 0.8


Here it is, the newest version of your favorite task tracking software. Lets see whats new.

The new version includes MySQL and SQLite support. The previous ‘dump all to file and load them all’ approach, I must say, was ridiculous.

Also, the tasks are not loaded all at once (as before), but on demand, meaning that a task is fetched and displayed only when needed instead of loading all the tasks at once. This speeds up things a lot, but, I’ve added the ‘Show all’ and ‘Hide all’ buttons in order to display and search ALL tasks and to clear them from the table.







Another nice thing is that now the tasks hold an unique GUID in the database and the current user is also recorded. Plus, the non-administrator user rights have been limited so that a normal user cannot remove and lock tasks. Hmm, do I see the first signs of 1984?

The software now logs (to a file only) the transactions between tasks, e.g. when the focus was shifted from one task to another and for how much time the focus was on the specific task (plus the number of key-presses). This is currently under development and will be used sometime later in order to display task transitions.








Ha, but the new perks come with a price: every 3 hours an annoying popup shows. Donate and it will go away ;)



Windows link: click

Mono link: click