Window Listener 0.9


I finally got around to making a new version of the Window Listener.

I’ve eliminated the files storing the transactions, now they are properly stored in the database and can be viewed either with a double click on the selected task or by clicking the “Task Details” button.

I’ve also implemented more advanced search syntax. Now the user can specify more in details the search terms. There are 5 keywords available:

  • PROCESS – process name or part of the name
  • WINDOW – window name or part of the name
  • TAG – task tag
  • FROM – task start date
  • TO – task end date

To properly use the above keywords there are three operators available:

  • “=” – equals, works on strings and dates, it also looks for substrings, e.g. “%string%” syntax
  • “>” – greater than, works on dates
  • “<” – smaller than, works on dates

To use logical “OR” for multiple keyword values, the user can use comma as separator, e.g. “PROCESS=firefox, procexp”. The logical “AND” is achieved by separating the search into multiple keywords with spaces, e.g. “PROCESS=firefox FROM>2012″

In order to provide some insight into tasks and transactions some (basic) statistics can be calculated from the tasks. They can be displayed by clicking the “Stats” button. The new window shows statistics for the tasks that are currently listed in the table. This combined with a flexible search system can yield interesting results.
































The aplication icon has also been changed, by user request.

The files:

Window Listener 0.9

Window Listener 0.9 Mono

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